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Do you have a cafe office?

If like me you have a home office, you will know that sometimes is just gets a little stuffy which turns into a lack of productivity. That is why right now I am sitting down at my local coffee shop slurping on a latte and doing what I can without mains power and a mouse. What is a mouse you say? Yes, I am probably the only one who actually takes their laptop out these days. Everyone else tends to favour their tablet or phablet. All well and good, but for what I do, it is just easier on the laptop.

Coming back to my point to this post, do you have a cafe office? It pays to. If you work for yourself and your primary role does not involve being out in your customer’s face, then the whir of a coffee grinder and some hustle bustle is all it takes sometimes to get some inspiration and creativity flowing. It also creates an environment and mood to do things you would often put to the side, like posting to your blog!

But sometimes you need to be back at the office, like now 🙂 So if you home office workers take anything from this, it is to make use of your local cafe, or even library as a way to mix up your work environment.

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