Struggling to manage your content on your Website?

Here at Modulus we offer some fantastic support with a lot of our content managed solutions which often means you don’t have to touch the content management system, we will do it for you, and because we know them well, we can do it very quick and advise on other options to enhance your presence and make sure you are not losing customers because of poorly formatted or missing content.

There are a range of options when it comes to getting a Website, and often when a decision is made on which option to choose, whether it is a static Website built by a friend or a full blown content managed Website using a custom solution or even WordPress, that is only part of the job. I like it to buying a car. The car dealer will sell you on exactly what you think you need, but you are the one driving it and putting the petrol in it and paying for the registration and any maintenance. You wouldn’t buy a car, drive it off the yard then let it run out of petrol and leave it on the side of the road until someone can help you out some gas in it! or would you?

So you have all these bells and whistles in your content management system, but what does it all mean?

A lot of the time, you can get away with typing a bit of text and updating some contact info. But what about the emails that go from the contact form, or pasting that word document  has made all the text look weird and the page blows out over the design, or you are sure you didn’t click that, but it looks like it can’t be un-clicked!

Sound familiar? You are not alone. it is very common to come unstuck when going it along, and often you forget the purpose of having your Website. It is a powerful tool when used correctly can greatly enhance your business with very little cost.

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