Is WordPress really a good CMS for your Website

Recently I have had a lot of requests to help clients with their Website… their WordPress Website. While WordPress is a great tool with some awesome features to get something up and running quickly and cheaply, is it really a Website Content Management System? Thanks to all the theme developers out there, a simple blog can become a full blown information Website with some great content features. But again, is it really ideal as a Website CMS?

Take the poll if you agree or disagree prefer other options and share your experiences with Wordress as a CMS. WOuld you rather consider something else like DotNetNuke or Joomla! bu tbeen to scared because of the terminology used? Really, these are easy to setup and relatively cheap to host. All you need is a little support to get going. Plus, they can really be extended to offer some powerful and rich features to give your Website some oomph.

Feel free to flick me an email or comment if you want to discuss further.

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