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Blogs have been around for what feels like the dawn of time. They are a great place to promote what you do, have a rant and share ideas for inspiration. Through doing this, they also provide a great way to help your Website in the search engine ranks. I use the word “help” very loosely.

So where to begin
First thing to do is create a blog. There are many ways to go about this, but with the abundance of blogging sites out there on the Web, you would be silly to build one for your Website unless you are after complete integration with other parts of your business on an enterprise scale. I prefer WordPress because it is simple to setup and easy to use. you can host it with WordPress or self host it with a provider like Modulus Ltd. The benefit of self hosted is you have access to hundreds of plugins to enhance your blog.

Domain names and Website integration
You can point a domain name or a sub domain name like to your new Blog and can even add it to a page on your Website like on

Look and feel
You can choose from a range of free and paid themes through the WordPress admin,  or get us here at Modulus to create you something a little more inline with your Website style.

Tell the World!
Now that you are all setup, have some content in your blog, you can easily share it to your social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Beebo, Pinterest and more… I use They are a subscription based provider that can take your Blog Feed and on a regular basis push it out to your social networks. And the great thing is they start from as little as $6NZD per month. So head on over to and check them out.

If in doubt, get in touch with Modulus and we can help you out. We can host your WordPress site, make it look like your current site, attach a custom domain or subdomain to it and point you in the right direction.

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