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Backup the Backups

How often do you backup your computer? Even with the most obsessive backup plan there is no way to avokd something like the recent WannaCry work from making it’s way through all your backup media whether it is on the same network, a USB drive or off-site – depending on your off-site provider of course.

Whether you have heard of “Tower of Hanoi” or “Grandfather-Father-Son” as just two examples, it doe snot matter! Having an airtight backup that is physically disconnected from your computer or network is crucial these days.

If you are a small business owner or home user and are already backing up to an external drive/network/off-site, simply go out and buy a second external Hard Drive that plugs into your USB (we commend at least USB3.0 capable for higher speeds) and make a second copy of your existing back up. To do this with an existing hard drive backup, simply copy and paste all the contents of your primary backup drive to the new one. Once done, unplug it and store it somewhere safe from harm. Repeat this as often as you see fit, but always consider how long ago your last backup was if today you wee to lose everything.

If you do not backup then we suggest taking a look at some simple ways to achieve this here: – PC World – Apple

If you have an IT support company managing your backup strategy then confirm with them the backup type they use and how they isolate secondary backups from any connected computers or network.


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