Almost all of our Websites use a content management system, even our mobile Websites.

A static Website is often built in a way that makes it hard for you to manage. Often you need to go back to your Website designer and get them to make changes which can cost every time. We take a different approcah, we give you the power to manage your Website using our own integrated content management system or encourage you to use one provided with one of the many Website frameworks like Wordpress, DNN or Joomla! Find out how having your own content management system makes managing your Website so much easier and cheaper than going back to your current Web designer for changes.

Take control of your Website

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What do you get

  • Browser based content management system so you can manage your content from anywhere
  • Manage the SEO aspect of your Website with the use of page titles, keywords and phrases
  • Manage menus
  • Powerful page management
  • Sell online
  • Upload images and files
  • Send newsletters and take online registrations
  • View analytics and see how your users are using your Website
  • And so much more.... contact us today to get started.

Content management training and support

Most importantly, we are always here for support and training so you know you are getting right first time. Click here to contact the Modulus team about your Website content and how we can help you to manage it.

Looking for a content managed Website with no setup cost and free domain name and email?

Perfect for small to medium sized businesses to manage their Web presence.

$69 to $99 per month

Hosting, domain name and email all included. Contact us for more information or phone 0800 932 437.